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Possibility of Self Sustained Village through GrameenBazaar

A thatched roof, a merciless summer, tossed bargains, long hours on the field for nickels and dimes, a relentless goal of harvest, a perennial prayer for rainfall, a family running a life with less than 50 INR a day – The Rural Indian’s everyday life.

For an average metropolitan, it becomes tough to picturize the archetypal rural household and rural work scenario. The rural-urban contrast in our country couldn’t be darker. On the one hand is the metropolitan lifestyle of the finest Bordeaux and Chateaus, and on the other, the typical rural lifestyle of contraband and economical roulette. So what is the true India? The heart of India lies in the blood, sweat and toil of our peasants.

Grameen BazaarStatistics show that, when Re.1 is released from the center government, it dissolves to 30ps. by the time it reaches our villages. What happens when the very backbone of our economy, the Rural India is attacked this way time and again? The economy is crippled. Unless direct and targeted action is taken today, the economy is headed towards a downward spiral. The vicious circle of poverty and disguised unemployment will continue to manifest unless the people in our cities, who have access to capital, sit up and take notice.

Many expert believe today’s vision is to create India as a single market because when you didn’t think of India as a market, you didn’t really bother about a single market because it didn’t really matter. And therefore you had a situation where every state had its own market for products. Every province had its own market for both farm and non-farm products. Increasingly now the policies of taxation and infrastructure and all that, are moving towards creating India as a single market. So there is a form of internal globalization which is happening, which is as important as external globalization.

An idea for a success by a individual backed 5 more individuals, all with different backgrounds but with a single aim to bring back the kisaans’ and our grameen people into the main stream. Grameen Bazaar, a unique fair trade organisation coupled with online website, business center in each village and weekend market in each district for our Grameen People to have an open and a direct market with the consumers.  It also provides the required education, new technology, Global Presence, facilities, loans and other value added services via business centers in each village which is termed as UDP (You Drop and Pick Points).

By extricating the farmers of their dependence on middlemen, this initiative creates self-sustained units in the villages spread over the length and breadth of the Indian palette. In this way, it creates prowess within the rural ambience, and enables our country’s farmers to support themselves. The farmers thus create a stake in the Indian economy, which is brimming with potential. It empowers our farmers all the way, and in turn, our farmers substantiate their role as India’s future.

Here’s our chance to create an economic Renaissance, and our chance to ensure that India’s economic future is in safe hands. This is our chance to catapult our hard-toiling peasants onto a much-needed pedestal. This is our chance to recognize the Indian farmer’s one millennia-worth of pure, hard labor. Our one chance to patronize our troop of farmers, and offer them something more than just promise and prayer.

Contact details –

Roopa Mayur, Media Manager Ph: 08042094109

For Grameen Bazaar

Santhosh Kumar

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