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Sapient Extends Time and Support to the Spastics Society of Karnataka

Volunteers spend a day at the school organizing activities for students

In a sincere effort to give back to the society, volunteers from the Bangalore office of Sapient, the global services company that helps clients transform in the areas of business, marketing, and technology, took a day out from their regular work schedule to help make a positive difference to the society. As part of Sapient’s global CSR program, Sapient Gives Back, around 25 Sapient people visited the Spastics Society of Karnataka located in Indiranagar, assisting the staff in organizing interesting activities and sessions for the students at the centre. ‘Sapient Gives Back’ program allows each Sapient person to spend an entire working day in a year volunteering for community service.

The group hosted interactive sessions on music, dance, sports as well as other learning activities. In order to enhance creative skills of children that can be used to support their livelihood, specific demonstration-based workshops were also conducted on art-related themes such as hand-painting, collage, clay modeling, card- and diya-making. Senior children were also educated on important issues such as health and hygiene.

Speaking on this initiative, Kameshwari Rao, Director – People Success, Sapient India, said, “As a global company, Sapient takes its responsibility as a global citizen to heart. We view the giving of our time, resources, and money not as something we have to do, but something we need to do as fellow beings on this planet. Through this initiative, we hope to make a positive contribution to the less fortunate communities. While corporate involvement is important to ensure inclusive growth in society we believe that empowering our people improves their commitment and connection with the community.”

“Sapient is involved in charitable activities worldwide and this initiative by our people in Bangalore is our way of giving back to the society. Through this step, we hope to make a positive contribution to the less privileged communities by supporting worthy causes such as health, education as well as other socio economic initiatives. Corporate participation is a must to ensure inclusive growth in the society.”

The sessions witnessed active participation of the children. Proceeds from the sale of handicraft items prepared by these children as a part of the workshop were shared with the Society as a token contribution. All over India, Sapient has also been supporting several charitable causes including Butterflies, Literacy India, Parikrma Humanity Foundation and Infant Jesus Charity Home.

(Source: Gutenberg PR)

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