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YourNextLeap.com launches Online Branch Suggestor for 2011 Engineering Aspirants

YourNextLeap.com, an online virtual counselor, has launched India’s first Online Branch Suggestor for engineering aspirants. Students can simply take the online personality test to understand the most suitable branch based on their skills and interests. This is an important tool at a time when admission process of engineering colleges like IITs, BITS Pilani, NITs and other state run colleges is at its peak.

The branches covered in the Branch Suggestor include traditional ones like Mechanical, Computers etc. and also niche branches like Textile, IT and Industrial etc. This online tool is a product of extensive research by Psychometricians with 35+ years of experience, and engineers from top engineering college like COEP, PICT and BITS Pilani. It was optimized based on a survey of several hundred successful engineering students.

Herd mentality makes students take up a branch based on popularity and ‘scope’, and not on personal interests. Branch Suggestor assists students in branch selection via scientific evaluation of their personality and thus guides them into a suitable career.

“Parents all over India now need to realise that there is scope in every branch, and a student simply needs to choose the one that matches his personal skills and interests. This ensures that the student remains passionate and performs well in his professional work” says Suruchi Wagh, Founder and CEO of YourNextLeap.com who is herself an engineering graduate from COEP, Pune and Masters graduate from USC, California.

Branch Suggestor tool prompts students to answer a set of questions based on real life situations to assess their personality and engineering inclinations. Students can see their progress after each set, and even save their progress at each set to come back and finish the test later. Advanced psychometric models created by YourNextLeap.com are run on the answers and personalized suggestions are given to students. The Psychometric test can be given online anytime at student’s comfort and the 60 questions take only around 8-10 minutes for completion. Branch Suggestor also details the work expected in a specific branch in the professional world. Students and parents can visit the website http://YourNextLeap.com to use this online tool.

About YourNextLeap.com

YourNextLeap.com is an online virtual counselor which gives career recommendations. Thousands of Indian students and young professionals use the website to simplify their career decisions. The website runs on collective intelligence of its users and advanced math models to give personalized recommendations to users and hence increase their chances of admissions into targeted colleges.

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