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Sapient Global Markets Organizes ‘Redefining Perspectives’ for JAVA Architects

Forum to share ideas and deliberate emerging role of technology in capital and commodity markets

Sapient Global Markets, a division of Sapient and a leading provider of business and technology services to the capital and commodity markets, is organizing an interactive technology forum titled ‘Redefining Perspectives’ on Wednesday, 13th July, 2011, at Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi. This inaugural event is designed to bring together JAVA architects working in the capital and commodity markets to share ideas, discuss emerging trends and derive value from each other’s experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.

Key challenges in today’s complex capital and commodity markets include managing increasingly global operations, and architecting solutions that enhance business value against changing organizational, market and regulatory requirements. To help attendees understand and address these challenges, Redefining Perspectives will provide a series of discussions citing real world examples, and networking opportunities to help technologists share experiences to better adapt to the evolving financial industry.

Sapient Global Markets has invited leading subject matter experts to share their perspective on the changes occurring in today’s capital and commodity markets:

Naresh Bhatia, Chief Technology Officer, Sapient Global Markets, has been advising financial technologists globally for over 12 years. He will be in India to share his views, and examples of software design best practices such as Domain-Driven Design and Executable Specifications, which help software developers “communicate” better with business users.

Abhishek Bhattacharya, Technology Practice Lead, and Nitin Agrawal, Technology Practice Manager, Sapient Global Markets will discuss the future of mobile technologies in financial services, and will demonstrate how a mobile bank can utilize innovative new technologies and design patterns to drive competitive advantage. Enhanced mobile device capabilities, and more specifically the advent of tablets, have opened up great possibilities for businesses to interact with their customers and provide enhanced user experience.

Abhishek in his career spanning 15 years has delivered several strategy and technology solutions for investment banks and asset managers, as well as architected several complex integration solutions targeting retail and telecom clients. Nitin, with over 10 years of experience has architected, designed and implemented trading and risk management solutions for various Financial and Energy Services firms across the world.

About Sapient Global Markets:

Sapient Global Markets, a division of Sapient® (NASDAQ: SAPE), is a leading provider of services to today’s evolving financial and commodity markets. We provide a full range of capabilities to help our clients grow and enhance their businesses, create robust and transparent infrastructure, manage operating costs, and foster innovation throughout their organizations. We offer services across Advisory, Analytics, Technology and Process, as well as unique methodologies in program management, technology development, and process outsourcing. Sapient Global Markets operates in key financial and commodity centers worldwide, including Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Calgary, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Munich, Zurich and Singapore as well as in large technology development and operations outsourcing centers in Bangalore, Delhi, and Noida, India. For more information, visit http://www.sapientglobalmarkets.com.

Sapient is a registered service mark of Sapient Corporation.

(Source: Gutenberg PR)

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