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There are some players who have absolutely no parallels, who are sheer ‘Genius at Work’, a pleasure to watch, and who have this special ability to make you ‘Love the Game’. One of those elite Sportsmen is Roger, the Great Federer. He is one player who has always made Tennis look such a simple Game to play with his lucid, mesmerizing and effortless stroke-making. You can take away all the unprecedented records Federer has got in his career, you can take away all his 16 Grand Slam titles, you can take away all his illustrious achievements ; you would still be yearning to watch this great man in action. That is ROGER FEDERER for you.

The ‘Between the Legs’ shot is one of the repertoires of shots which Federer has made his own. The ‘Between the Legs’ shot is played when the opponent hits a perfect ‘Lob’ shot, which goes over your head and ‘Out of Reach’ of hitting an ‘Overhead Smash’ and then you run towards the ball and hit this shot with your back facing the opponent. Confused? Well, I don’t blame you. Pictures always speak louder than Words. Just witness these stunning shots by Federer at the following links:


(This was played 3 days back in Round 1 match at US Open 2010 against Dabul)


(This was played in the semi-final of US Open 2009 against Novak Djokovic)

Simply out of this world, isn’t it? The reaction of Federer and his opponents on both occasions were like ‘Chalk and Cheese’, simply emphasizing the ‘Difficulty Level’ of the shot. It is a shot which can leave the opponent absolutely flabbergasted and embarrassed. Apart from winning the point, you can get under the opponent’s skin too as he begins to wonder what’s coming next.

Well, if you want to know more about this shot, how to play it, then you can see this video as well:


Really, you can have all the coaching in the world you want; you can try it 100 times in practice, but would you be willing to try it on the World Stage, with millions watching you around the world and there is fair chance you might look totally foolish if the shot goes wrong, the fact that you might end up embarrassing yourself instead of your opponent? Well, that is the quality which sets Federer apart from others.

To attempt this outrageous shot twice in 2 years and being successful both times, in front of more than 20,000 spectators watching live and millions around the world watching on television is something only a ‘True Genius’ can do.

Hats off to ROGER FEDERER…

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