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Ishant Sharma On Song: A Pleasure to Watch

Seeing a fast bowler rattling the batsmen with pace, bounce and movement of the pitch is one of the most riveting sights in Cricket. The morning spell by Ishant Sharma with both the old and new ball on the 3rd day of the ongoing first test match between India and Sri Lanka was one to savour. Although the 8 overs burst of relentless aggressive, menacing medium fast bowling by the 21 year old, which accounted for 3 Sri Lankan wickets may not mean anything in terms of the result of the match, it definitely put some life and excitement into a test match, which may very well peter out into a dull draw.

After having a very disappointing Day 1 where he gave away 79 runs in just 14 overs with no wickets to his credit, one would have expected a jaded, demoralized bowler, who has found it really tough going in International Cricket in recent times. But, to everyone’s surprise, Ishant suddenly found confidence from nowhere to produce an inspired spell in which he looked like taking a wicket of almost every delivery. He hit perfect line and length, got the ball to move both ways of the seam with good bounce and batsmen looked all at sea. The only way they could score was to edge the moving ball down to the vacant third man boundary.

The succession of deliveries to Mahela Jayawardene, arguably Srilanka’s finest batsman in the line-up (average of 53 and 27 test centuries) was reminiscent of the spell Ishant produced against Ricky Ponting in Australia 2 and a half years back. In both instances, batsmen had no clue as to what was happening, before eventually succumbing to the bowler, to avoid more embarrassing moments. Along with Jayawardene, the centurion Paranavitana and all-rounder Angelo Mathews were the other two Ishant’s victims.

The spell in Australia marked the arrival of Ishant on the world stage and this one, we all hope, would mark his second coming after a troublesome time off late. India desperately needs a firing Ishant Sharma in the years to come they are to remain a consistent number 1 side in the world.

It is often said that test matches are decided by the sessions. The team which wins more sessions, more often than not, goes on to dominate the match. The precarious position India finds itself at the end of the third day is due to the fact that they have managed to win only 1 session out of the 6 (second day was washed out), the session in which Ishant Sharma showed his prowess. Still, all is not lost for India with 2 days to play. With the chance of a victory gone, India needs to win few more sessions, avoid the follow on and settle for a draw. And I think India would do that and the series will remain nicely poised 0-0 heading into the second test at Colombo.

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