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Trends of Air Pollution in Delhi

A decreasing trend has been observed in SO2 levels in Delhi which are within new norms. Decreasing trend may be due to various interventions that have taken place in recent years such as reduction of Sulphur in diesel and use of cleaner fuel such as CNG. Other measures include implantation of Bharat Stage-III emission norms for new passenger cars commensurate with improved fuel quality which are in vogue. Bharat stage- IV emission norms compliant passenger cars and Bharat stage –III two wheelers would only be registered w.e.f. 01.04.2010.

Fluctuating trends have been observed in NO2 and PM 10 levels. Various measures such as implantation of Bharat Stage- II/III/IV norms etc have been taken to mitigation ambient NO2 and PM10 levels but, at the same time number of vehicles have increased. SO2 levels (annual average) in ambient air in Delhi are within norms. However, NO and PM10 levels exceeds the prescribed norms.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) is monitoring ambient air in Delhi. It monitors ambient air at one manual station in Delhi i.e. ISBT, Kasmere Gate. There are 17 monitoring stations in the city out of which 6 are manual of CPCB, 1 manual of DPCC, 3 manual of NEERI and 7 continuous stations and one work as part from monitoring van operated by the CPCB. The National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) is also operating three manual monitoring stations under the National Ambient Air Monitoring Programme (NAMP) at Town Hall, Sarojini Nagar and Mayapuri Industrial Area in Delhi.The cities and towns in NCR where ambient air quality is monitored and number of stations in NCR are given below.

S.No. City No. Of Monitoirng
1 Delhi 10+7*
2 Faribaad 2
3 Gaziabad 2
4 Nodia 2
5 Meerut 2
6 Alwar 2
7 Gurgaon 2
total 24+7*

Source: PIB

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