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Live the Posada Mariposa Experience

The quaint style of the Hotel Posada Mariposa provides one of the most unique and memorable experience that is available in a Playa del Carmen vacation. While other resorts boast sleek architectural styles, Posada Mariposa chooses to provide a warmer, more personal avenue that is one of a kind on the island. While Posada is small in comparison to other hotels that occupy the island, it is noted for its personalized service rendered by attentive and courteous staff members. The employees are multilingual and are renowned for their dedication to assuring you an enjoyable and relaxing stay.

The 23 rooms available at this Playa del Carmen rental are spread over three levels and come in four different sizes according to your needs and budget. The suites on the upper floors come with private balconies that look out upon the lush greenery that gives the island its distinctive appeal. The bright white sands of the Playa del Carmen beaches are an awe inspiring sight and are just a few feet from the courtyard of the Posada. Swim in the waters of the Caribbean that remain a constant temperature year round and explore the marine life that teems amongst the vegetation on which they feed.

The rooms are decorated in a simple way that reflects the heritage and history of the islands. Pastel colors coupled with native foliage produce a calming effect that makes this hotel unique. It is a clear departure of the hustle and bustle of the lifestyle that you needed to take a break from to begin with. The Posada Mariposa is a rare example of what Playa del Carmen Mexico hotels should be. Laid back easy living that allows you to soak in not only the sun, but also drink in the simplistic but stunning beauty that is the Caribbean.
The Posada’s rooms and suites come with a long list of amenities that will make your stay the relaxing getaway that you expect with a top flight hotel. It is truly five star accommodations at three star prices. They offer many tours and excursions that allow you to see this tropical paradise as you never imagined. A genuine island experience is guaranteed from this Playa del Carmen vacation hotel that prides itself on being as helpful to its residents as humanly possible.

A Playa del Carmen rental at the Hotel Posada Mariposa is one of the most exciting vacations that you will ever embark on. The alluring and majestic beauty of the islands invites you to participate in a cornucopia of activities that allow you to explore the naturally pristine and unspoiled environment that are the signature traits of the heart of the Mayan Riviera. The town is right outside your door so you can take in the sights and sounds of not only famed Quinta Avenue but also the nightlife that is abundant and varied to suit all tastes in entertainment.

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