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DR E Books Plus Launches One Of Its Kinds Website For E-books

Giving more reasons to rejoice for net savvy people, especially those who do not get much time for reading books, DR E Books Plus has launched a one of its kind website dedicated to e-books. The launch has been enthusiastically welcomed by the group of users who are increasingly opting for products such as kindle and electronic slates for reading purposes.

The website has been launched with four categories, health, recipes, music and miscellaneous. Ordering e-books through the site is easy, with an in-built online transaction mechanism. Since one is dealing with e-books, the delivery mechanism does not need physical mailing and therefore does not consume much time.

What differentiates DR E Books Plus from its competitors is its innovative approach to the market. This site is one of the first book vendors to offer resale rights (on selected books) to its buyers at no extra cost. What this means is that buyers have the right to sell e-books and keep 100% profits. Besides the resale rights, the company also offers marketing collaterals, such as website sales letters or professional graphics, to assist its clients establish their virtual presence.

Making it easier for users to review the content by themes, the category specific pages list various e-books with their brief description. More information is available during the check out process.

As a start up, the website has picked a few of the most pertinent topics for e-books, such as autism, obesity, divorce and depression. The website also features interesting e-books on guitar lessons, composing music, various foods and recreational games.

Source: Pressreleasepoint

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