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Entrepreneurs Realizing Their Dreams with GroupedUP

Having already launched and developed several innovative services such as AutoWraps.com and Zipcar.com, Daniel Shifrin is at it again. This time, the serial entrepreneur has launched GroupedUP, an introduction and investment application that helps entrepreneurs and investors circumvent the frozen credit markets.

While the economic downturn has made it more difficult for entrepreneurs to get funding, GroupedUP is connecting investors and consolidating their capital so they may create an Equity Investment Group and purchase a business as a corporation. The Group Introduction and Investment Application is providing investors with access to a new source of capital and enabling them to purchase a franchise or business opportunity with cash.

“Despite the overall loosening of U.S. Small Business Administration-backed loans in recent months, the squeeze on small-business financing continues,” said Shifrin, who considers his new service a kind of equity dating for entrepreneurs. “GroupedUP’s strategic peer-to-peer equity investment platform fills the credit vacuum for small business ventures created by the recent financial crisis, enabling entrepreneurs to realize their vision by partnering with others.”

After leaving Zipcar.com in 2008, Shifrin sought to buy a franchise, but soon learned that doing so would be more expensive than he had originally thought. Realizing that a partnership with 2-3 others looking for the same type of opportunity would be ideal, he designed an application that manages the development of well capitalized and qualified investment groups that intend to purchase a business. By doing so, he was able to help qualified investors find franchise opportunities, while helping franchisors find qualified candidates.

Since its launch in November 2009, GroupedUP has developed partnerships with leading franchise organizations such as Boston Pizza, Flip Flop Shops and All The Perks, as well as franchise affiliates like Franchise Broker Association, Franchise Genius and The Entrepreneur Authority. More than 50 entrepreneurs have signed up for the service, with an average amount of available investment capital being $35,000 per member.

There is no cost to create an investment group. The only fee associated with the use of the service is a $50.00 background check that is charged once all investors in a potential group commit to an introduction. GroupedUP does not lend directly to entrepreneurs, nor does it offer securities of any type.

“GroupedUP serves a group introduction platform for entrepreneurs with a similar vision – nothing more, nothing less,” Shifrin added. “Once the groups are introduced, it’s up to them to develop a business plan and move forward with a franchise or business opportunity.”

Source: Pressreleasepoint

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