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Syndeohealth secures funding

“Digital interaction with physicians is the new way of doing business – and it is here to stay,” say Vinayak Harnoor and Prashanth Shidlaghatta, co-founders of this Bangalore-based startup. “Current in-clinic representation model is fast eroding and Syndeohealth is in an excellent position to fill this void as an alternative to this model where Pharma can work with doctors asynchronously,” according to Maheshwar Singh, Managing Director, PRTM India.

Continuous engagement with specialty physicians will enable Pharma to bring in greater efficiency in their products and solutions. Dr Rajasekara Chakravarthi, Chief of Dept. of Nephrology at the prestigious Care Hospitals of Hyderabad adds “Doctors and Pharma can now get more authentic and accurate data on drug performance and efficacy after they are released into the market”.

Syndeohealth allows Pharma to mentor and certify physicians on drugs and medical device usages, and also enables Pharma to increase their physician base through viral marketing from within Syndeohealth-based physician networks. Syndeohealth is a completely safe and secure platform that is web based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Source: Indiaprwire

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