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Agile Improves Software R&D Outsourcing

GlobalLogic announced its sponsorship of Aberdeen Group’s latest market-breaking research, “Software Product Engineering Outsourcing: The Value of Agile in a Distributed Environment.” Based on research collected from over 100 enterprises, Aberdeen found that best-in-class companies who outsource their software engineering projects experienced a 17% average reduction in development costs, a 10% average reduction in time-to-market, and an 18% increase in end-user satisfaction.

The most successful of these companies utilized Agile methodologies and enabling technologies to improve collaboration and to bridge the cultural and geographic divides of distributed teams. “Agile development methodologies and remote presence technologies meet the challenges of keeping software engineering outsourcing on budget and within a pre-determined schedule while still resulting in a product that is relevant to the dynamic and rapidly changing requirements of user groups,” said Russ Klein, vice president and group director at Aberdeen. “With more frequent interaction comes the opportunity to build trust, expose critical issues earlier in the process, make mid-course corrections in the project plan, and tune the velocity of the team.”

Aberdeen’s research also highlights the importance of collaboration between key personnel on any Agile project and the criticality of executive-level endorsement of Agile philosophies and practices. Additionally, it details the ability to measure, manage and validate critical measures of performance such as project velocity and individual team member contribution.

“GlobalLogic emphasizes Agile in all its engagements,” said Milind Patwardhan, vice president of advisory services at GlobalLogic. “We have found time and time again that short, iterative development cycles coupled with strong collaboration tools significantly accelerate time-to-market, ensure product quality and create an overall sense of team unity.”

GlobalLogic’s Agile method and platform, GlobalLogic Velocity™, is an award-winning solution for performing R&D in a distributed environment. The Velocity Method is a blueprint of processes, templates and behaviors that optimizes communication and provides just enough structure to effectively manage distributed Agile product engineering teams. Complementing this blueprint is the Velocity Platform, an implementation of various best-of-breed tools for communication, tracking and configuration management.

“Claiming to do Agile development is no longer a differentiator,” said Klein. “Detailed analysis of project outcomes, continuous activity in a shared business model, on-demand control of project velocity, and a focus on close communication and trust are the qualities that separate those who claim to do Agile from those who actually do it well. Through the sheer maturity of its technology and talent, GlobalLogic has raised the bar for best practices in distributed product engineering.”

Source: Indiaprwire

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