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Empress Embedded Database for Windows CE Gets an Ultra Boost

Empress Software, embedded database developer central and home of the Empress Embedded Database, announces immediate availability of the latest Empress release, Empress Ultra Embedded Database v10.20 for Windows CE. A popular foundation for small footprint devices, Windows CE is an open, scalable embedded, real-time operating system from Microsoft(R). Empress Embedded Database and Windows CE can be used for diverse embedded systems with deterministic requirements such as industrial controllers, communications hubs, point-of-sale terminals, and consumer products, such as cameras, Internet appliances, karaoke handheld terminals and interactive televisions.

Empress Ultra Embedded Database is an advanced, full-featured database engine specializing in embedded systems data management technology. With high-performance, small footprint and a variety of popular APIs (C, C++, SQL, ODBC, and Java), EMPRESS is also unsurpassed in functionality. On Windows Embedded CE, EMPRESS is a reliable, zero-maintenance database that delivers predictable and deterministic response.

This special edition release of Empress Ultra Embedded Database for Windows CE features the latest technology for sophisticated text search indexing, spatial indexing, and even a unique Shiborikomi search option. At “wow-wow” speed, the new text search index capability allows users to very efficiently search for database records using keywords, records and phrases. This release also features advanced spatial indexing capabilities that maximize spatial access methods, an extremely useful distinguishing feature for geographic search systems. The Shiborikomi search option is a specialized search option of special interest to developers of car navigations systems, infotainment systems and mobile applications.

“Empress Software is an agile organization. As a privately held company, we have the flexibility to be swiftly responsive to our customers’ special requirements,” comments John Kornatowski, president and CEO. “Empress Ultra Embedded Database for Windows CE is an example of how our product can be optimized for the specific needs of a community of Windows CE developers.”

Source: Pressreleasepoint

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