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Data Guard Systems and AlertBoot Full Disk Encryption Announce New Strategic Channel Partnership

Data Guard Systems and AlertBoot today announced a new strategic, non-exclusive channel partnership to distribute the full product suite of AlertBoot Encryption software on a worldwide basis, effective immediately. Data Guard will join AlertBoot’s Corporate Channel Partner Program in order to not only resell AlertBoot Full Disk Encryption with USB Encryption but also distribute future security software product offerings from AlertBoot.

AlertBoot offers full disk encryption for Windows-based computers via a managed service portal. It utilizes AES-256 bit encryption with optional USB external / flash drive encryption and includes powerful and easy-to-use reporting for companies to perform real-time auditing of its encrypted machines in the field for compliance purposes. Data Guard Systems, a leading developer and marketer of online business management and security software, will be directly distributing AlertBoot encryption in the cloud via its established sales channels worldwide.

AlertBoot’s Corporate Channel Partner Program allows established consultants, organizations, and companies to distribute and resell the AlertBoot disk encryption service. Designed for companies or individuals ready to handle the entire sales process, the Corporate Channel Partnership offers generous commissions and powerful lead management tools that make sales and support an easy process. Corporate Channel Partners have access to the same marketing and reporting tools used internally by AlertBoot, and full tech support responsibilities are handled in-house by AlertBoot’s Support Teams. With exceptional sales and revenue-sharing opportunities available globally, AlertBoot’s Corporate Channel Partner Program is an easy decision for tech companies looking for additions to their product offering portfolios.

The market for encryption products is growing exponentially worldwide due to many different factors. Governmental regulations and pressures force more and more businesses to adopt more stringent security protocols and software. With a more mobile workforce and with laptops becoming more prevalent in the marketplace and in industry, the need to protect data as it leaves the confines of the office building is more urgent. Additionally, the costs for encryption products have dropped and are now more affordable than ever for businesses and individuals alike. Data Guard Systems, by leveraging the AlertBoot Full Disk Encryption software in its sales channels, is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this growing marketplace.

“We use AlertBoot internally for our virtual infrastructure and our laptops. With a global workforce, it’s absolutely vital for us to control access to our data,” stated Timothy Maliyil, President of Data Guard Systems. “This partnership with AlertBoot is a great opportunity for Data Guard in a market that’s growing exponentially. With Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI compliance, and other governmental or organizational regulations in place, businesses — now more than ever — need easy-to-deploy encryption and real-time auditing. AlertBoot Full Disk Encryption delivers on all counts.”

Source: Indiaprwire

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