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JetBox 3300 series Compact Embedded Linux Computers with Isolated Serial Ports & -40~80oC for Front-End Controller Applications!

Korenix Unveils JetBox 3300 series Compact Embedded Linux Computers with DIO, Isolated Serial Ports and -40~80oC wide operating temp. for Front-End Controller Applications in Severe Industrial Environments!

Korenix launches new JetBox 3300 series compact embedded Linux-based computers with low power consumption, specifically designed to provide advanced network performance for embedded front-end controller applications. Versatile interfaces, including Ethernet, USB, isolated Serial and DIO ports are integrated in a tiny box to fit in a small system with different operational requirements – from networking, to data storage, to device and signal control. Moreover, to withstand the unfavorable environmental conditions, the RISC-based computers with low power consumption come with 2KV isolated serial ports and -40~80oC wide operating temperature, and therefore are the best solutions for deploying in harsh industrial environments.

– Versatile Interfaces for Specific Front-end Controller Applications

JetBox 3300 series acts as an outstanding network platform with dual Ethernet ports for redundant network applications, like daisy-chain controllers and 2 USB ports for data storage applications. The JetBox 3300-w model, further, supports 16DIO channels to integrate alarms, indicators, and sensors into a complex networking system. With 2 RS232/422/485 serial ports the tiny computers are excellent for device control deployments providing connections to access and security control devices, such as card readers, cameras, speakers, etc. To adapt to the critical industrial environments, users can further choose the JetBox 3350i-w model with 2KV serial isolation ports.

– Linux SDK for Quick Time-to-Market

The JetBox 3300 series is a RISC-based industrial embedded computer designed with a built-in performance-optimized Linux OS for easy network system maintenance and fast remote access. Linux SDK is also provided for users to develop their own front-end controller applications in industrial networks.

– Wide Operating Temperature for Improved Reliability and Longevity

In addition to 2KV Hi-pot isolation protection and the fan-less design, JetBox 3300 series supports -40~80°C wide operating temperature for providing stable and efficient communication under harsh environmental conditions.

All these advanced features integrated in a compact-sized embedded Linux computer enhance the networking capabilities of IPC providers and ensure a reliable data transmission in extreme industrial conditions.

Major features of JetBox 3300 series are:

* Embedded Linux ready compact system
* Linux SDK (toolchain, cross-compiler) for quick time-to-market
* Atmel ARM AT91RM9200 180 MHz Networking Processor with low power consumption
* 2 LAN ports for Daisy-Chain Controller
* 2 USB for data storage
* 2 RS232/422/485, 16 DIO for device and signal control (JetBox 3300-w)
* 2 RS232/422/485 with 2KV isolation protection for device protection (JetBox 3350i-w)
* One microSD card slot for customized configurations
* Fan-less, ruggedized industrial design for anti-vibration/shock and -40~80 ℃ wide operating temperature

Source: Pressreleasepoint

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