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Indian food items and their impact on climate

So, you wanted to know how much carbon footprints you make when you eat? Here is something. Rice falls lower if you want to pick up better foods to reduce carbon footprints.

According to a study on Indian food items, wheat has lesser carbon footprints than rice. In the non-veg category, mutton curry is more damaging than chicken curry.

This study is conducted by the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI). The study conducted research work on 24 food items used in Indian domestic arena.

H. Pathak of IARI said,“Rice has a higher global warming potential as it is grown in anaerobic soil, leading to higher methane emission. Wheat and vegetables are grown in aerobic soil condition, where methane emission is almost nil,”

You would be surprised to know that ‘shahi paneer’, a milk derivative into cheese, is more damaging than chicken and only minimally less than mutton. So, you can reduce carbon footprints of your food within the vegetarian category.

According to the study, the water consumption to produce 1 Kg of wheat is 900 litre, whereas it takes 15,000 litre of water produce 1 Kg of mutton.

The study seems to be pin-pointing on where even general consumers can make choices and reduce their carbon footprints and impact on the climate. Are you ready to change in order to minimize climate change!

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