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Website Review of RedAlkemi.com

RedAlkemi happens to be the leading SEO companies of India and they have been into business for more than 20 years now though the name has been rechristened a few years back. RedAlkemi was earlier known as Pugmarks Design Studio.

The company is located in Chandigarh, which happens to be the capital city of twin states in India–Punjab and Haryana. The company has grown from a small unit of professionals to a recognizable brand name in the IT market of India.



There are three modes that the company provides:

1. Web Solutions
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing

The company provides all types of services required to achieve these goals. From web designing to link building, from social media marketing to providing solutions that leverage the rankings among the competitors, RedAlkemi has a strong unit of professionals that are goal oriented.

The website provides detailed knowledge about each modes that the company covers under its service commitment. Being a web development and SEO company, they website is beautifully laid and has cool professional colors. One of the features that you would like about this website is the maintenance of a blog, which is updated with articles that are quite helpful for readers. Apart from the technical professional text that details their services for a focused audience, there are articles that users who usually like to read about current issues and other web-related topics, will easily blog pretty helpful.

One of the features that I feel missing is the updating of pictures that they can add on regular basis. They have provided pictures of their offices, people and some recreational activities but these pictures are not updated and are old. Apart from providing a short bio about the key people, I feel writing about almost all the employees could also be a good option.

Overall, for a probing prospect, the website provides ample material to peep and choose from. For all your web related and SEO related issues, RedAlkemi.com should be your destination.

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