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Review of Surefirehire.com

Surefirehire.com is a great place for freelancing opportunities and coders and sellers can make a good business on the website. Like other similar websites, Surefirehire allows small businesses to tap the talent pool across the web and get the work done in limited budget.

One of the main advantages of any freelance jobs site is that it allows small businesses to hire experts without having to go through the process of hiring a full time or part-time employee, which is very desirable by many small businesses. This is where Surefirehire.com excels in providing excellent opportunities to the coders who want to showcase their talent and reach out to maximum buyers across the web.

The working of the site is just similar to what other similar sites do. Posting a job is free and once the job is posted on the site for bidding, freelancers can make a bid according to their expertise level. The buyer can choose any bid at any time and after the completion of work, the buyer pays the bidder.

The mission statement of Surefirehire.com says:

“From the very beginning, surefirehire has had one mission in mind: helping small-medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs reduce IT and administrative spend. By fulfilling our mission, we hope to assist employers in driving down costs thus accelerating the speed of business, as well as, to provide freelancers with a platform for providing services. We hope the outcome is equally agreeable to both freelancers and employers.”

The headquarters of the company that runs Surefirehire.com is situated in Houston, Texas. There are various categories is which buyers can post their projects including web designing, programming, writing, multimedia, administrative, legal matters, business and finance, sales and marketing. The categories are further divided into sub categories to facilitate the process of choosing a better coder for the job.

The working is pretty simple for Surefirehire.com and the payment is delivered through Paypal. There is absolutely no fee charged from the buyers but the coders have to pay for awarded projects a fee of 5%. There is no extra fee levied on any of the parties by the site. The site is secured for online transactions with SSL security and buyers can easily put their money for jobs on this site without the fear of phishing and other fraudulent methods that are employed by many websites. Overall, Surefirehire.com presents unique opportunities for both buyers and sellers t to do freelancing jobs.

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