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Machine that prints books in minutes

Blackwell launches Espresso Book Machine

Have you ever missed your favorite novels or books because they are out of stock or you missed them because they are sort of obscure now? Here is something that can take you out of the hook. Espresso Book machine will have any book printed for you within 5 minutes.

If you understand it that way, the machine removes the need to order novels or books that are not available easily. You can even out-of-print works can be printed off in minutes.

If you an aspiring novelist, you benefit from this Espresso Book Machine by having your book printed in minutes. There are not much cost factors either.

Andrew Hutchings of Blackwell, said: “With the Espresso Book Machine you can order it and have it in your hand within a few minutes. Having books printed on-demand also reduces the carbon footprint and cuts down on the number that are pulped or sent back.”

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