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Clean Coal Institute in Australia

Australia launches clean coal institute

If you were worried about the greenhouse gases emissions of coal, here’s something for you to cheer about: Australia launched the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. The main aim of this institute would be to develop technology that allowed coal emissions to be captured and safely stored.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said: “Carbon capture and storage is not the only answer to the climate change challenge. But it is a very important part of the global transition to a lower carbon global economy, a transformation of the global economy every bit as significant as the industrial revolution in the 18th century and the information revolution of recent times.”

The aim of the institute lies in developing 20 commercially viable carbon capture and storage plants globally by 2020 that could help in reducing the greenhouse emissions by coal, which is by far, a major source of pollution to earth’s atmosphere. It has been reported that 85 nations have vowed to extend their support to this institution

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