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First Flying Micro Robot Born

World’s first flying micro-robot

Here is something very interesting for you. If you have any interest in robots or micro machines, you will find it interesting. The researchers at the Waterloo University have developed the world’s first flying micro-robot. This robot has the capability of manipulating objects, particularly during surgeries, and also for micro-scale applications.

The main benefit of this flying machine is that it can manipulate tiny objects at levels where humans find it difficult to do. This new flying robot is called the flying MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) robot, and it involves the usage of magnetic field to fly or levitate.

Behrad Khamesee, research leader and professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering, said: “We have developed a magnetically levitated micro-robot, which is a new technology for manipulation using flying micro-robots. We are the first in the world to make such a floating robot equipped with micro-grippers. It can enter virtually any space and can be operated in a sealed enclosure by a person outside, which makes it useful for handling bio-hazardous materials or working in vacuum chambers and clean rooms,” he was quoted as saying in the statement.”

It remains to be seen how this new invention performs but still, a lot more has been offered to the researching filed of flying micro machines.

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