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IIT Kharagpur invents painless needle

IIT Kharagpur invents microneedle for painless shot

What could inspire you? A cut by a dog or a sting of a mosquito? This is what actually happened at IIT Kharagpur to develop painless needle for giving shots.

If you remember IIT Kharagpur developing a economic artificial heart, this is something on the same lines and seems equally effective. IIT Kharagpur, pairing with Tokio University of Japan for a research that went for three years, has developed a needle that mimics the mechanical action of a sting of a mosquito.

The female mosquito adopts a sort of suction-based pressure that is painless while the needle goes in our skin, and the same procedure is involved to deliver drug painlessly or extracting blood. It is quite noticeable here that the diameter of the micro needle is just 30 micro metre.

Suman Chakraborty, who led the team of researchers, said: “Besides others, this injection will especially benefit diabetes mellitus patients as blood tests are critical for its diagnosis and management. These patients have to check their blood glucose level several times a day and inject insulin. Frequent repetition causes several physiological hazards including development of insertion pains. A female mosquito sucks blood by flexing and relaxing certain muscles in its mouth. This creates suction that draws blood. The new microneedle is based on the same principle. Here, the sucking action is provided by a microelectromechanical pump.”

This is such a unique research based invention and if you dare not and feel terrible while getting shots, this is something you should look forward to. The pain associated with shots is about to go. Cheers!

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