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Artificial heart developed in India–costs 1 Lakh

Artificial heart for Rs 1 lakh

Don’t feel stunned by what you are reading. It is true–scientists at the IIT Kharagpur have developed an artificial heart that could save lives. It will cost around 1 Lakh only.

This new type of heart is named as “The Total Artificial Heart (TAH)”. It is the first such type of hearts developed by IIT Kharagpur’s school of medical science and technology.

It has been revealed that the artificial heart is working fine in small animals and they are waiting for permission from the Indian Council of Medical Research. The heart contains 13 chambers and the tests on humans will be conducted at the Medical College and Hospital (MCH), Kolkata.

Sujoy Guha, IIT Kharagpur faculty member and bio-medical engineering expert, said: “We are also in touch with P Venugopal, former AIIMS director and one of the leading cardiac surgeons of the country. We expect him to be part of the team as well. The TAH will be of great help to patients whose heart muscles have become so weak that they need immediate transplantation. Angioplasty, stents and even bypass surgery are of no use for such patients because they cannot strengthen muscles. It is difficult to find donor organs and even if transplantation is done, the body develops auto rejection and severe medication is required to suppress immune reactions.”

It sounds as a great invention once it comes okay in the human-test trials. It can save lives for sure.

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