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Termite killer is a greenhouse gas

Termite-killer is powerful greenhouse gas says a study

If you have ever seen the usage of a compound that is deployed to kill termites and other pests, you should realize that it has turned out to be a potent greenhouse gas. The irony is that this gas stays in the atmosphere much longer than previously thought.

The scientists have revealed that Sulfuryl fluroide (SO2F2) is nearly 5,000 times more potent at warming the atmosphere than an equal volume of carbon dioxide. It is important to note here that Sulfuryl fluoride was created to replace methyl bromide, which attacks the Earth’s ozone layer and is used to fumigate buildings.

Paul Fraser, one of the report’s authors, said: “SO2F2 wasn’t recognised as an important greenhouse gas. They thought it had a short life-time and recent work has shown it’s quite long and that changes its impact on the environment completely. So now it’s recognised as a potent greenhouse gas.”

It is clearly a pretty interesting development and can trouble the hornet of international scientists about the usage of termite killer in buildings.

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