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Obama ends ban on Stem Cell Research funding

Stem Cell Research Funding in on by President Barack Obama

If you were troubled by ban on stem cells research funding, President Barack Obama has done it for you. He has lifted a ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research on Monday, thus giving stem cells research a new lease of life in US.

There has been an executive order signed by President Barack Obama opening research on treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes.

At a White House ceremony attended by US lawmakers, religious leaders and scientists including three Nobel laureates, President Barack Obama said: “When government fails to make these investments, opportunities are missed. Promising avenues go unexplored. Ultimately, I cannot guarantee that we will find the treatments and cures we seek. No president can promise that. But I can promise that we will seek them–actively, responsibly, and with the urgency required to make up for lost ground.”

The President has directed the National Institutes of Health to formulate guidelines within 120 days on how to proceed with federal research on lines of stem cells procured from private laboratories such as fertility clinics so that further action could be taken in order to ensure that it can go without impediments.

It is a landmark step in stem cells research funding in US and lots of people will take it as a new lease of life given to this area.

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