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Bulgaria is facing polluted air

Bulgaria is facing polluted air

Bulgaria is facing the highest status for the most polluted in the whole of the European Union. In a published report, it has been mentioned that the dust level in Bulgaria is around 55 microgrammes per cubic metre, which is more than rest of Europe where it remains around 30 mg per cubic metre.

The report puts the blame of this level of pollution in air due to large number of old vehicles in Bulgaria without catalytic converters and non-restrictive second-hand cars imported from western Europe.

Pernik, a western town of Bulgaria is the most polluted town, according to the report. This town has a lot of metallurgic plants and its dust particle average is around 92 microgrammes per cubic metre.

The country will be greatly benefited if they impose better quality restrictions on vehicles and other areas where they think that pollution is beyond limit.

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