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Amar Chitrakatha on Vodafone

Amar Chitrakatha on Vodafone

Who says print comics are dead? Who says children can’t enjoy old comic world with the flurry of mobile phones, video games and other hand-held gadgets that rob the value of printed paper. Here is one option that can give you a chance to explore old passion of Amar Chitrakatha on your Vodafone mobile connections.

If you have a Vodafone connection, you will be able to read comics, download ringtones and wallpapers of the classic comic series. This service will be offered to subscribers through a voice portal and Vodafone Live.

The voice portal section will allow subscribers to listen to Karadi Tales, audio dramas such as Charkha and musical tales from The Banyan Tree; whereas, Vodafone Live will enable users to read comics, download ringtones, characters and wallpapers.

The charges based on monthly subscription will be Rs. 30. If a user downloads any video, the charge will be Rs. 5. For a ringtone download, the charges will be Rs. 15, while if a user downloads a game, the charges will be Rs. 50.

This is a very good option provided to the users and if you have a passion to read Amar Chitrakatha and have missed it in the aura of electronic gadgets, this is for you. You can get more information by dialling 567607.

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