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Review of Rentacoder.com

Review of Rentacoder.com

Rentacoder.com (RAC) is a beautiful concept of online marketplace where buyers can hire sellers for various types of jobs and safely work on projects in quite a business-friendly environment that you love while working on any job.

Home Page of Rentacoder.com

Home Page of Rentacoder.com

If you have heard about off-shoring or outsourcing, this is what is being done on Rentacoder.com. there is no limitation for buyers to choose the local providers but they can hire professionals from across the globe and can save a lot of money.

There are more than 0.2 million sellers with various skills and expertise and buyers can choose or ask them to bid on their projects.

Bid requests on rentacoder.com

Bid requests on rentacoder.com

There are more than 0.1 million buyers and if you are a seller, you can expect a lot of work that can be thrown in the open market for bidding and for prospective hiring.

How rentacoder.com works

Rentacoder.com works quite beautifully both for buyers and for sellers. Buyers and sellers need to make an account on rentacoder.com, which is free of cost. Then the buyers can post their requirements in a form of a project and ask sellers to make bids according to the price. There are various types of projects and other options that the buyers can choose to ask the sellers to make bids.

How rentacoder.com works for sellers

How rentacoder.com works for buyers

The sellers will review the requirements and make bids according to their prices and once a buyer selects a bidder, the seller can start working on the project and deliver the job on completion. The payment will be sent to an escrow system that holds the funds for both the parties. If the work is completed to the satisfaction of the buyer, the buyer will authorize the funds to be credited for the seller. Otherwise, if a dispute may arise, rentacoder.com also helps in arbitration.

How rentacoder.com works for sellers

How rentacoder.com works for sellers

Categories of Projects of rentacoder.com

There are lots of categories offered by rentacoder.com in which buyers can post their requests. A seller can set to see number of categories in which he/she thinks has the expertise. However, apart from the categories that are shown by rentacoder.com, a buyer can ask other tasks also that can be done through the internet. Filtering the categories serves the purpose best for a seller.

Various categories of projects on rentacoder.com

Various categories of projects on rentacoder.com

While selecting the category, a buyer can also limit the bid to be visible for certain countries based on their own choice. Like if a buyer wants a native speaker for any language, he/she can limit the sellers for that language according to their country. Apart from this, if a buyer prefers to outsource the work to some emerging economic powers of the world, he/she can also do that with the choice of economy type category.

Nature of projects on rentacoder.com

The nature of the projects on rentacoder.com depends upon various methods. The most common among them is the price range in which a buyer thinks the project falls. The buyer can predetermine the nature of projects according to the price range.

Types of projects on rentacoder.com

Types of projects on rentacoder.com

Then there are types of bids that you want for your project. There are four types of projects that you can have while you post your bid for your sellers.

1. Open auction: in which all coders can make a bid according to their expertise

2. Private auction: in which you invite one or more sellers to make a bid and start working

3. One-to-one project/ Enhancement: in which a buyer makes another project for the same seller due to more work or extra job created

4. Bonus/ immediate project: a buyer directly pays the seller for some work done or due to extra work done by the seller. Sometimes, buyers pay bonus due to appreciation of work delivered by the sellers.

Nature of projects on rentacoder.com

Nature of projects on rentacoder.com

The fee charged for these types of bids vary accordingly and sellers can be saved a bit of money if you are buyer and want to work with the same buyer. 

How to choose a seller on rentacoder.com

Once a buyer makes a bid request, it becomes available to sellers according to the categories and limitations set by the buyer. The sellers make bids according to their expertise and these bids are reported to the buyer through emails.

The buyers can see all the bids and also see the profiles of the sellers to check their credentials and their previous work history. Once a buyer decides to hire a seller, he/she has to approve that bid and escrow the funds to rentacoder.com so that the work might begin.

If, however, in any case, a buyer feels that he/she has not received desired number or quality of bids, he/she can make a repost of the bid request and wait for some more time to receive the bids. 

For private, one-to-one or bonus types of projects, there is no selection of bids but only the approval of bids that are submitted by the invited sellers.

How a seller can be paid on rentacoder.com

There is no other option available for buyers to pay their sellers apart from escrowing the funds before the sellers might start working on the projects. To make all the transactions secure, rentacoder.com does not allow any other type of payment methods. Rentacoder.com provides safety of funds to sellers in case the buyers does not authorize the payment to be credited to the seller’s account.

How rentacoder.com pays the sellers

After the buyer authorizes rentacoder.com to credit seller’s account from the escrow funds, there are settings that can be changed for getting paid. Rentacoder.com processes the funds on two dates and sends the money to the seller as per the chosen method.

Payment methods on rentacoder.com

Payment methods on rentacoder.com

There are basically 5 options available for sellers to get paid by rentacoder.com for their credited accounts. These options vary according to the geographical positions of the sellers. 

1. Band to bank wire transfer: (Exclusively for coders from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Estonia, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Uruguay and Zambia only)—a fee of $55 is cut by rentacoder.com

2. International priority mail: (Exclusively for coders from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Estonia, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Uruguay and Zambia only)—a fee of $35 is cut by rentacoder.com

3. Snail mail check: This method is not recommended to coders in Pakistan or minor Indian cities. $5 is cut for US payments and $10 is cut for non-US payments for this option.

4. Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard: an option to get a sort of credit card mailed to you and spend your rentacoder.com account for purchase through this card. There are various types of fees associated with it.

5. Paypal: it is the best option to get paid and you can just give your email to be paid through rentacoder.com. There is no fee cut by rentacoder.com t opay you through Paypal

What are the fees on rentacoder.com

The registration fee is not levied if you are a seller or a buyer. You can make an account on rentacoder.com for free. However, there are different percentages of fees levied on different types of projects that are awarded by the buyers and executed by the sellers.

Fee Structure of rentacoder.com

Fee Structure of rentacoder.com

For open auction: a minimum amount of $3 will be charged from the seller and 15% of the project fee if the amount is more.

For private auctions, the fee charges are same as that of open auction.

For one-to-one/enhancement projects, the minimum fee remains but the percentage falls down to 12.5%. 

For bonus or direct payments, there is no escrow but only 10% of fee is charged.

There is a preferred payment method through which a buyer can escrow funds and it saved 2.5% money for sellers on all types of projects. Preferred payment methods include payment by wire transfer or snail mail checks. 

Arbitration facilities of rentacoder.com

In case buyers and sellers can’t agree on the completion of project, rentacoder.com facilitates the arbitration process. Rentacoder.com also allows self-mediation through which a buyer and seller can agree to self-mediate and close the project. The rating system gets affected if the arbitration goes against one party and in favor of another.

Rating and feedback on rentacoder.com

To make it more convenient for buyers to choose quality sellers, rentacoder.com gives an option of ratings and feedbacks. After the completion of the project, buyers and sellers can rate each other and give feedbacks. This feedback and rating is visible on the profiles of sellers and buyers.

On the basis of these ratings, rentacoder.com provides a ranking system to the sellers giving them an extra edge to showcase their proficiency and experience.

Safety and other issues on rentacoder.com

Rentacoder.com provides safety and security of funds and other information about the sellers and buyers. There are definite rules and regulations followed by the site for maintaining privacy of the registered users. However, if somebody detects some problems, rentacoder.com reports it on the top of the website and makes everybody aware about the problem when one logs onto the site.

I have not seen a single case where there might be a chance of a seller losing some money because a buyer did not pay up. The escrow system offered by rentacoder.com is so wonderful.

Closing remarks about rentacoder.com

I have personally used a lot of sites for freelancing jobs and projects but rentacoder.com exceeds all of them in simplicity, volume of work available and ease of operation with marked security and safety. The free registration facility is to cap all of them. If you are a budding freelancer and want to try your hands in the sea of off-shoring and out-sourcing, rentacoder.com should be your first choice by any means.

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  1. Trent Hill
    March 20, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    This article reads like a love letter, hah, but it seems to be most people’s experience with RentACoder. There are many sites for freelancing coders, but RentACoder is the most well-known and well-regarded for a reason–they have obviously developed the formula that most people prefer.

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