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Review of Stumbleupon.com


As clear from the name itself, stumbleupon.com is a site that allows the users to mark a website or a webpage that they have stumbled upon and have found interesting. They can bookmark the page for future reference; to share with friends; or just to make it more popular for its credibility. The popularity of the site that makes other sites popular is getting up higher and higher everyday.

Home Page of Stumbleupon.com

Home Page of Stumbleupon.com

Stumbleupon.com is one the most popular bookmarking of social bookmarking sites that you can find around on net. With around 7 million users, this site is growing in popularity and usability among the internet users.

How does stumbleupon.com work

Stumbleupon.com works both with IE and Mozilla Firefox and provides a downloadable toolbar that users can use to bookmark and post reviews for their favorite websites. They provide a ‘thumb up’ and ‘thumb down’ rating system for the users to vote for their favorite webpages.

Different categories of Stumbleupon.com

Different categories of Stumbleupon.com

Users can bookmark the webpages in various categories and can also attach tags to these webpages so that other users who might be interested in those tags could stumble upon those bookmarked pages.

Bookmarked Webpages on Stumbleupon.com

Bookmarked Webpages on Stumbleupon.com

Content guidelines for Stumbleupon.com

The content guidelines are strictly followed by Stumbleupon.com due to the simple fact that there are millions of webpages that are stumbled by users and the website need to make sure that the stumbled pages does not promote adult or abusive content or videos. They also need to make sure that the content or videos are not degrading or defaming any religious group or community in any way.

Content Guidelines for Stumbleupon.com

Content Guidelines for Stumbleupon.com

There is a detailed guide made available on the site itself for users to make sure that they do not submit sites that do not follow these guidelines.

For any content submitted to Stumbleupon.com, the site does not provide any fee or any type of payment. There is no benefit accrued to you if you stumble some webpages. The use of Stumbleupon.com is solely for sharing good webpages with other users and to bookmark them for your future use. For detailed guidelines on content submission, click here.

Driving traffic to your site using Stumbleupon.com

Stumbleupon.com presents a very good tool for promoting your websites to the users of stumbleupon.com. You can run an advertisement campaign on stumbleupon.com that once approved would show your website to potential users on stumbleupon.com. You can set the budget and time of this advertisement campaign.

Creating advertisement campaign on Stumbleupon.com

Creating advertisement campaign on Stumbleupon.com

The benefit of such campaigns as offered by Stumbleupon.com is that you can get user reviews from users who will visit your webpages. This way you can increase the usability and look of your website for better.

This campaign also ensures that you target your audience and not users are not looking for things that you are providing on your own website including products, services or just information. If you want to promote your website on Stumbleupon.com, visit this page.

Promoting your website using Stumbleupon.com tools

Stumbleupon.com provides you with a good range of buttons and banners that you can use on your webpages so as to allow your users to instantly stumble the pages of your site that they like. This can be done through the stumbleupon.com toolbar but if the system does not have that toolbar, the buttons on your webpages would be quite instrumental in getting those bookmarks.

Buttons on Stumbleupon.com

Buttons on Stumbleupon.com

They are various types and sizes of the buttons available on stumbleupon.com for you to choose. You just have to pick the code and paste it in your website and it is done. To get the code of buttons of stumbleupon.com, visit here.

How stumbleupon.com toolbar works

Stumbleupon.com provides separate toolbars for both popular browsers that you might be using—Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Once you download this toolbar in your system, you can bookmark the pages with one click.

How Stumbleupon.com toolbar works

How Stumbleupon.com toolbar works

There are signs on the toolbar that you can click to make the rating and write the review. You can also choose the category in which you want to bookmark the page and give some tags so that it comes under those tag searches.

A working example of Stumbleupon.com toolbar

A working example of Stumbleupon.com toolbar

On Stumbleupon.com, they provide screen shots as to how the stumbleupon toolbar works. Download stumbleupon.com toolbar.

Closing remarks about Stumbleupon.com

Stumbleupon.com is a wonderful site and can be used for various purposes by intelligent users. It can be used to bookmark the pages that you love. It can be used to promote your website. It can be used to share your favorite content, music or videos with other users. It can also be used to connect with people who have same interests as of yours. Overall, a great site for technical and common users.

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