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Review of Digg.com

Review of Digg.com

Bookmarking and social sharing of your favorite webpages have sweeped the Internet like nothing else. It has a great power of sharing your articles, news, whitepapers, images, videos and what not.

Digg is a great social bookmarking site and has steered its way ahead from almost all other sites like stumbleUpon, technorati, etc.  You can share a good or favorite article, image or a video with other users of Digg who can peep at the shared URL by clicking on the link that you provided.

Home Page of Digg.com

Home Page of Digg.com

You can comment on others’ URL, you can post shouts to other users and you can browse through a wide range of categories in which these URLs are shared. It is quite obvious now that if you have submitted your URLs to Digg.com, you can rest assured that Google bots would index them and your website is included in Google Search Engine. It is also quite common among the SEO experts to use Digg.com for making the site more indexable and having some good links coming from higher PR pages of Digg.com.

For last couple of years, Digg.com has emerged as the hot spot for people to know and share their favorite URLs.

The idea behind Digg.com is very good but like all other good things online, it is also being used for spamming and more marketing scams. You will notice that there are people sitting on messengers and asking their so-called friends (so-called friends because they know each other just to dig out their stories) to click on the links that they have submitted to Digg.com. This alhlow their story or image to get more clicks and to creep to the top of list, which gives a good visibility to the website on such a high PR page of Digg.com.

Though there is not so much wrong in this but still lots of good stories are pushed back due to this. Quite recently, you won’t get a good story to read in the top shelves but only the ones that have been worked out to the top.

Your Account page in Digg.com

Your Account page in Digg.com

Apart from this issue, the usage of Digg.com is so easy and great that you can spend your whole day visiting various URLs and reading the good stuff that others want to share with you.

Positive points about Digg.com

1. It allows you to check good stories being favorites of other readers.
2. It allows you to post comments and shouts to others.
3. Good segregation of stories into different categories and you can check them easily.
4. Foul language is not allowed.
5. Digg.com is quite famous and people around the globe are using it making it possible to read stories from wide range of topics and regions.

Negative points about Digg.com

1. There is little censor upon the stories that are worked out by people who have made lots of friends on Digg.com. The stories that are shown on the top of any category are sometimes not due to the value of their content but through spam-ful marketing methods.
2. If 2-3 people report you spam, you will get banned. There is no full-proof criterion for banning a site.
3. It is basically been used for marketing and not for genuine bookmarks.
4. People even pay freelancers to get their stories riding to the top.
5. The topics are not widely spread-out: some important topics are totally missed.

It can be easily said that like many famous sites where people like to meet and share ideas, Digg.com has carved out a niche for itself. But its use is being done mostly for marketing and not for genuine purposes. The administrators of Digg.com should check if they can do something about it.

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