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Michael Phelps won eight Gold Medal in Beijing Olympics

Michael Phelps does what none else has done

Well, it was expected—the pressure of winning the medals was less but keeping the hopes and expectations often takes the toll on athletes. However, Michael Phelps did it with utmost simplicity and without bragging anything about his achievements or his preparations for that matter. This was one of the most classical examples of sportsmanship where a person after clinching the Everest of athleticism says that he is a bit tired and confused and want to be with his mother.

Sportspersons all over the world tend to be carried away with their success and they often sound vocal in their expressions. However, Michael Phelps has set a sort of example where silence or keeping it in short words pay more.

Everybody who reaches the pinnacle of success has to endure a bit of rough period of time in his life or career—Michael Phelps was no exception and it is said that he faced mockery from his friends during his childhood days. However, destiny had something else for him: he proved to the world to be the best athlete who took part in eight events and won the gold medal in all of them breaking many records all the way.

I won’t support that countries all around the world should try harder to produce athletes so that they can also compete at this level—I would recommend to individuals who want to do something to learn from Michael Phelps how to endure your hardships and how to keep it simple when you are at the top of the world. There is no need to cry when the world mocks at you; and there is still no need to cry (in joy) that the world now salutes you. Just let it pass on as it came!

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