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Could Roger do it–losing all the Grand Slam finals of the year

There were times when Roger looked invincible–players around the world failed to penetrate into the armour that he seemed to possess. At the same time, Rafael Nadal seems to have the mastery that was (is) required to win French Open…leaving a sort of sty in the bulls-eye for Roger to win all the Grand Slams in a single year.

We have a unique combination in the present year, where the King has lost 3 straight finals…could he do it–losing all the four Grand Slam finals within a year. The omens are not good right from the start. In the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic did it–he was pitted for it and he delivered the punch. It happened to be the first Grand Slam Final loss for Roger Federrer outside France. And then the Rafa-wind shook like a storm: he repeated the history for the fourth time, defeating Roger Federrer for the fourth consecutive year (3rd in a row in finals) and entered the Wimbledon with a chance to turn the tables on.

Both of them looked okay in the previous rounds; however, Rafa was showing more growth from his previous campaigns here. In the finals, it was written that the King (Roger Federrer) played like a learning prince, and Rafa dominated almost the whole match. Wimbledon was a prized possession of Roger and it was grabbed from him, making it third Grand Slam Final that he lost in one single year. Is this history? Has anyone else lost 3 consecutive Grand Slam Finals in a row in one single year; and what more, could Roger Federrer lose the 4th one also?

It is pity to write these lines for there are no chinks in his game; however, his stature and his competence itself has created this situation. He has entered in the finals of all the Grand Slams till now and has lost them. Andre Agassi did it in 1999 (entering the finals of all the Grand Slams in one single year), but he won two of them and lost two of them. The pressure on Roger Federrer is more, for, he could become the man who entered all the finals of grand slam in one single year and lost all of them.

It is a very sorry state of affairs but what can we do about it…the cards are not showing any sign of good value and the fate seems to have decided to make mockery. Who would have thought looking or watching the previous years that there could be a time when Roger Federrer would lose three consecutive finals in one single year when he did not even lost a single match in any of them except the French Open. Truth is stranger than fiction and it is showing its sign now…

It would be unbearable for many of us and we hope that Roger would spell his magic like he did earlier and would prevail–hail the King!

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  1. August 14, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    One more omen for this thing, though nothing should be related to this…


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