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MIT recommends steps to slash gasoline

MIT recommends steps to slash gasoline use by 2035

More than sixty-eight billion gallons of gasoline or nearly half the fuel that the vehicles today are using would be saved by the nation in the year 2035 if lightweight hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles dominate the market.

The analysis appeared in a MIT report reveal that over the period of next twenty-five years the total fuel consumption of brand new vehicles could be cut by 30-50 percent.

But it will not be an easy task to accomplish, as it will require development of new and improved engines, fuels and vehicles. What’s more difficult is to convince consumers not to go for bigger and faster vehicles.

John B. Heywood, the Sun Jae Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who led the new research said, “We’ve got to get out of the habit of thinking that we only need to focus on improving the technology–that we can invent our way out of this situation. We’ve got to do everything we can think of, including reducing the size of the task by real conservation”.

Teams from MIT spent 5 years checking different ways to reducing the fuel consumption for transportation needs and cutting emissions. For reducing transportation fuel use and emissions by the year 2035 an immediate action is required on various fronts.

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