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Tips for Carbon Offset

Tips for Carbon Offset

Of course, there are always many debatable issues that are related to different types of measures that the Kyoto Protocol, EU emission standards, and other limitations put up by different authorities; however, you can always put some check on your own life-style and help in creating a better world. This has two-fold benefit—benefit to the society and benefit to you. Let us have a look at different areas of saving energy, which enables us to reduce carbon emission and also our own bills.

Reducing electricity consumption

Of course electricity consumption can be reduced by these small tips that you can adopt in your life at any time:

  1. Do not burn electricity idly—turn off everything not in use including lights, TVs, computers, electronic equipments, electric machines, etc.
  2. Checking the filters of your furnace or air conditioner filter each month helps a lot. Dirty or blocked filters block air flow through your heating and cooling systems, which in turn increases energy use.
  3. Activating the “sleep” features or mode of your personal and commercial computers and other office equipment is also a very helpful option. It saves energy.
  4. Using fans instead of air conditioners is a very good way to reduce global warming and if you can adept to this method, you can become perhaps the biggest individual contributor in controlling global warming.
  5. After doing electric calculations, it has been found that fans use less energy than air conditioning. Use compact fluorescent bulbs—they help in saving lots of energy and at the same time provide more illumination.

Reducing fuel—petrol/diesel—consumption

Petroleum consumption is again a very important area where individuals can have a great impact in reducing the global warming. Some suggestions to reduce consumption of fuel:

  1. Try to drive in green zone of your race meter. Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking waste gasoline, and if you drive sensibly using constant speed, you will be able save a lot of gasoline.
  2. There are lots of vehicles that allow alternative fueling systems. Consider buying a highly fuel-efficient vehicle, a hybrid vehicle, or an alternative fuel vehicle, which will help you to reduce your petroleum consumption.
  3. Always plan your trip. Avoid driving your vehicle for no purpose.
  4. Wherever possible, try using public transporting services instead of using your own private vehicle.

Reducing electricity consumption through websites

This is a new concept and might sound a bit odd, but this is a proven truth and lot of debate is going on its effectiveness. Here are some tips for it:

  1. Switch the background of your desktop to black—solid color. This is based on the same research that it will save energy and will be more comfortable to your eyes.
  2. Change the backgrounds of your own blogs and websites to dark colors if not black colors. This is needed because if you are admitting that predominantly black screens save energy, you need to make more people aware about it. Moreover, when people navigate within your site and your site is refreshed, the white screens appear for a lot of time till the page is fully loaded. This is not so in case of AJAX technology that does not refresh the whole page. However, if you have black background or dark colors for that matter, it can save energy for that much time.
  3. Increase the use of sleep mode in your computer when you are away from you desk for more than 10 minutes.
  4. Use a bit reduced lamp (sharpness) of your LCD monitors. This helps in reducing the rays emitted by the screen, and of course it will help the eyes.
  5. Try the new search engine that offers such a facility. Black Search Engine
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