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Green honey: Eco-friendly product for you

This is what you expected: a green and carbon neutral honey, which you can eat and feel relaxed that it comes with a certification of being carbon neutral. A Big Island honey producer is among the first to jump on that eco-conscious bandwagon, and no wonder that this could be trend-setter for others also: the Royal Hawaiian Honey Line produced by the Hawaiian Queen Co. of Captain Cook is now carrying the CarbonFree seal.

The seal marks the company’s effort to go green in its products and reduce the contribution that leads to global warming. Surely, this idea would be driven home with the delivery of their honey. The honey is distributed by the Tropical Traders Specialty Foods of Oakland, California, and the company has partnered with a Maryland-based non-profit group called Carbonfund.org to use the new label on the honey.

The exciting news is that the first batch of such a honey is already shipped and you would be seeing it in the shelves of stores very soon. You perhaps heard about other companies in Europe using similar methods to reduce their carbon footprints, but as per Carbonfund.org, Royal Hawaiian Honey becomes the first food product in USA to be given the CarbonFree certification by the company.

Rebeca Krones of Tropical Traders said: “The reason we decided to do it is that so many of our customers who buy organic are also concerned about buying food that comes from far away. We decided we would give our customers not only the organic side, but let them know our company cares that there is some shipping involved.”

This is certainly a noble idea and if other food companies and businesses can involve such methods to reduce carbon emissions, it could prove to be vital contribution in the cause of reducing greenhouse emission in the whole world. We hope that this would surely give a message to companies across the world to consider going carbon neutral in their products.

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