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NFL moves to make Super Bowl greener

Yes, NFL has joined the move to turn the games greener. Presently, to help offset greenhouse gas emission led by carbon dioxide, the NFL is planting thousands of trees in Arizona forests blackened by wildfires—this would be one of those steps that would surely inspire other game organizers and also the sports fans to contribute to the cause of global warming and reducing greenhouse effect. Some other methods to contribute to the cause of greener sports, NFL would power University of Phoenix Stadium and the adjacent NFL theme park with clean energy sources, which will include using New Mexico wind turbines and California geothermal plants.So, green games are the buzzword of the sport’s world and almost all organizers of games are looking for methods to offset carbon generated from sports. Beijing Olympics 2008 and London Olympics 2012 have already made huge efforts in reducing the carbon emissions of games, and now NFL has joined the group.

Jack Groh, director of the NFL Environmental Program, said: “If creating a mess is part of our business plan, then cleaning it up needs to be part of the model as well. Greenhouse gas obviously causes damage to the environment, and we need to be responsible.”

During Super Bowl week—January 27 to February 3—Salt River Project will be used to supply power to the Glendale stadium, the adjacent NFL theme park and some hotels through its EarthWise Energy Program. This surely allows the games to use clean green energy. At the same time, the Valley’s largest energy provider hopes to use the game’s platform to inform residents and business owners about the availability of green programs that are also available for them—so it would be double shot for the program.

The carbon footprints of the NFL were calculated with the help from Princeton University researchers, the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Forest Service. So, a lot of technical help is already being roped in so that the games can present a sort of role model for spectators and also for business owners to turn the environment green. This is surely going to be fantastic for spectators and environmentalists who are constantly voice their support to turn big sports events more eco-friendly.

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