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Cathay Pacific becomes first Asian Airlines to offer carbon offset scheme

Air travel has always seen with a skeptical eye by the environmentalists, and no wonder that the carbon footprints of airlines are increasing. In wake of such crisis of global warming and critical climate change, the Asian airlines—Cathay Pacific Airways and its sister airline Dragonair—have come out with a carbon offsetting scheme for its passengers. Cathay Pacific has launched “FLY greener”, a new voluntary carbon offset scheme, which helps the passengers in providing an opportunity, whereby they can offset their carbon emissions of the air travel and reduce their carbon footprints.

If you are an avid reader of news related to air travel and how airlines are trying to go carbon neutral, you must have heard about other airlines, like, Qantas Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air France-KLM, SAS Airlines, and many other of them doing the same thing. However, this is certainly the first time ever when an Asian airline is introducing such a carbon offset scheme to its passengers. Surely, Cathay Pacific has shown the light to other Asian airlines also, so that they can also contribute to the greater cause of carbon neutral air travel, which of course comes from carbon offsetting schemes around the world. The main good feature of this carbon offsetting scheme is that the scheme is managed and overlooked by the airlines itself, and the passengers have the option of using cash or Asia Miles to pay for their offsets.

The airlines is providing the carbon offset information for passengers on their websites. If you are looking to know how much it will cost you to offset your carbon emissions for a particular air tour, you can log on to the site of Cathay Pacific or Dragonair and check the “FLY greener” feature, where you will get the information of cost involved in carbon offsetting based on the distance of their flight and the class of travel. You can buy as many offsets as you would like including for previous journeys on either Cathay Pacific or Dragonair—so, you have complete freedom over how much you would like to pay for it.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Tony Tyler said: “Climate change is a huge issue that needs to be addressed with some urgency. It is vital we show that we are a responsible airline that is committed to being part of the solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the aviation industry. While aviation accounts for only 2% of global man-made carbon emissions, we support the industry’s commitment to dramatically reduce emissions. We are excited to be the first airline in Asia to launch a carbon offset scheme that will make a positive contribution to tackling the very serious environmental problems we face in this region. This is just one of a series of environmental initiatives from the Cathay Pacific Group and we remain committed to working to reduce our own impact on the environment as well as working with groups such as IATA on industry-wide initiatives.”

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