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Maine College Becomes Carbon Neutral

School officials of Tiny College of the Atlantic, with 300 students and only one major, human ecology, has disclosed on Wednesday that it had turned the nation’s first “carbon-neutral” campus.Emissions of 2,488 tons have been offset over the past 15 months averred by the private college by spending in a greenhouse gas reduction project in Oregon. The cost: around $25,000. The way of equilibrating the amount of carbon dioxide ejected into the air with the amount being drew from the atmosphere, either by using renewable energy or through carbon offsets elsewhere pertains to the term “carbon neutral”.

An inaugural pledge the school’s president, David Hales made in October 2006 finishes a declaration to make the campus carbon-neutral by this month. Hales said: “We have much more to do to directly reduce our emissions, but it is satisfying to know that the last 15 months of College of the Atlantic’s contribution to the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere adds up to zero”.

The American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment program offered “net-zero” pledges to the school amidst more than 450 universities and colleges to catch. The Climate Trust of Oregon is supplying

Reduce carbon offsets to the college to turn to carbon neutral. Carbon dioxide emissions are being decreased by the trust by optimizing traffic signals and managing traffic flow in Portland, Ore which shortens the amount of time cars use up idling at traffic lights.

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