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Greening the world, Contiki-style

Contiki has declared that passengers will now be able to attain their travel carbon neutral as a part of its efforts to promote and implement sustainable tourism practices and further prevent climate change. The option will be given to Contiki travellers to neutralise the carbon emissions released by their flights, tour and accommodation by meeting the sustainable tourism section of the company’s website.

“Climate change and its environmental impact are very important to Contiki’s young travellers. We felt it was essential to provide travellers with the option to personally make a contribution to reducing their carbon footprint”, said Tammy Marshall, managing director of Cotinki.

He added: “At Contiki we are also undertaking a number of other measures to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. Some of these include working with our hotel and excursion partners to reduce resource consumption and waste, and applying recycling and energy reduction programs to our own offices and operational facilities. “Traveller’s conscious of the environmental impact of their travels can also rest assured that Contiki’s modern coaches are one of the ‘greenest’ ways to travel, with efficient and environmentally friendly fuels and less carbon emissions per passenger than most other forms of transport”.

Climate Friendly in Australia and New Zealand has been joined by Contiki after extensive research to empower travellers to calculate the carbon emissions resulting from their flights, coach travel and accommodation and choices to neutralise these. Passengers are given the option by the voluntary scheme to bear a fee based on per tonne cost to cut carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

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