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Amtrak launches offset scheme

Efforts have been intensified by US rail company Amtrak to pull green travellers with the launch yesterday of a carbon offsetting scheme. Grouping with offset provider Carbonfund.org have been revealed by the company to offer customers the chance to offset emissions connected with their journey through the Carbonfund website.

Tax deduction is permissible to donations made through the scheme and passengers are allowed to choose from renewable energy, energy efficiency or forestry-based offset projects. Two options are furnished to passengers, permitting them to offset shorter journeys of less than 2,500 miles for $3.00 and offset longer journeys of up to 5,500 miles for $6.50. It is a part of a wider scheme move from the rail company to draw environmentally conscious travellers.

Roy Deitchman, vice president for environmental health and safety at Amtrak, said, “By choosing to travel by rail, Amtrak passengers are already a step ahead because the carbon footprint generated by their trip is smaller than that of most other modes of transportation”.

He added: “Because it is more energy efficient, travelling by rail contributes less per passenger mile to greenhouse gas emissions than either cars or airplanes. Rail travel also helps to reduce highway congestion in major urban centres”.

Amtrak calculations reported rail travellers produced .21kg of carbon per passenger mile, equated to .35kg from cars and .48kg from air travel.

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