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Grower cuts carbon footprints and Xmas trees

Waikato people, reckoning Christmas, are met by us entering the festive season. Christmas tree grower Kevin Ormsby is talked to by Bruce Holloway. Dreaming of a green Christmas does not hurt anyone in this era of global warming, carbon credits and melting ice caps.

Kevin Ormsby, who will saw and sell about 3000 trees from The Christmas Tree Farm off Avalon Dr in Hamilton over the next fortnight, says, “A Christmas tree is essentially a giant cut flower”. Young pine trees must relish Christmas about so far as turkeys, but Mr Ormsby held we must harvest them like any other annual crop.

“>He says of his 19-year-old business, “This is eco-friendly and a renewable resource”. He added: “You don’t get anywhere near the carbon footprint of a plastic tree being manufactured in China, and then shipped here. These are locally grown trees that can be mulched up after Christmas and used in gardens”.

Hans and Ngaire Lamers, first-time buyers who are making a big effort this year with the pending visit of grandchildren Sophie, Emma and Alice from Sydney, has a gigantic task in choosing a tree this week.

Mrs. Lamers says: Would the children even notice the tree amid the thrill and excitement of Christmas in Hamilton? “They probably won’t, but they’ll notice the atmosphere it creates”.

Mr. Ormsby proposes that a Christmas tree can be kept healthy for a good six weeks if you cut 1 cm off the bottom and place it in a bucket of water when you enter home.

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