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Only bicarbonate of soda can save mankind

The carbon dioxide emitted by coal-burning power plants will be turned into bicarbonate of soda in a plan ushered by a US firm. Founder of Skyonic, Joe David says, he can detain 90 per cent of the carbon emerging of a smokestack and turning it into a harmless baking element thanks to his Skymine process. The baking soda as Americans identify it could then be used in industry, sold as a food additive, or simply buried in old mines. Some googling, and little more serious research later had helped him coming up with Skymine. Quite practically, 97 per cent of the heavy metals produced by power stations and many nitrogen and sulphur compounds too are also separated in the system. The waste heat of the power station provides the energy necessary to drive the reaction.

The Big Brown Steam Electric Station in Fairfield, Texas, owned by a utility firm called Luminant is piloting the system. A representative told CNet that the procedure was working pretty well, but that there was still a lot of work to be done.

The US Energy Information Agency reveals, roughly 26 per cent of the world’s power supply, in 2004 was produced by coal and reported for 39 per cent of the CO2 emissions. It is anticipated by 2010 to have passed oil as the single biggest source of carbon emissions on the planet.

Evidently, the question of what to do with all that bicarbonate of soda is definitely left in the Skymining solution. Presuming 338,000 tons of CO2 is produced a year from an average 500-megawatt power plant, we’d be left with a pile of bicarb almost twice as large.

The problem of carbon emission is large-scale and lot of things needs to be done. Similar efforts are also made where bio-fuels are being dubbed as solution of fuel in vehicles. Indeed, many experiments have already been carried out to find out the potential of these substances, and some of them have succeeded. It is also true that till commercial sector is not intruded by these alternatives, it won’t make a bid impression of the carbon reduction that the researchers and scientists are looking for; however, at the same time, it is matter of time, and when these experiments are fully okay, they will make head-way into the market and we will have complete alternatives of fuel and carbon emission problems.

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